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awana04Just ask anyone…from the hands-on mission projects to the exciting mission stores and real-life missionaries to the fast-paced, high energy game time each week,

There are clubs for all ages every Wednesday during the school year.  Join us from 6:30-7:45 for the most exciting, Bible based, missions projects around!




Every AWANA club meeting includes a high-energy Game Time featuring individual and team competition.  Game time unleashes kids' natural energy and enthusiasm.  The AWANA game circle has universal appeal.  Kids love AWANA games!  Everyone participates and everyone wins!!!






Using achievement-oriented curriculum materials and hands-on mission projects, awana03AWANA at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church emphasizes memorization, understanding and application of key Bible verses. With a trained leader alongside to encourage and guide, clubbers develop a Bible-based view of how to know and serve God.  Clubbers are rewarded for their achievements as they progress through their handbooks and mission projects.



The whole club gathers for an exciting Bible message, mission focus, games, singing and awards presentation.  Real-life missionaries will often share their own personal stories of the fascinating way God is using them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word and to be actively involved in sharing the Good News of Jesus around the world!


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